Join SHPE at NILA 2019 to meet the best and brightest SHPE members in one place!

At NILA you have the opportunity to interact with certified chapter leaders from across the nation in a small, intimate environment. NILA poses as a platform for your organization to build a network with undergraduate and professional SHPE chapter leaders to optimize your recruitment strategy.

The NILA attendees are the perfect talent pool to welcome to your invite-only events and schedule for interviews for the SHPE National Convention.

Invest in the future of SHPE and have a head start to meet candidates for your organization’s recruiting season!

Contact to sign up and for any additional questions.

Value Proposition

NILA participants are highly engaged members from its network of professional and student chapters seeking to further refine their leadership skills and enable career growth and professional development.

For SHPE partners, participation at NILA is an opportunity to enhance recruiting efforts by connecting your company with on-campus advocates such as chapter presidents and advisors that can facilitate access for your organization to their chapter membership. NILA serves as the precursor to SHPE’s National Convention, ensuring companies have access to a larger pool of highly-qualified applicants seeking career opportunities.

Across the NILA curriculum the following high-level objectives will include 3 programmatic components:

Teach and inspire participants to become competent, authentic, and committed leaders that positively advance themselves and their communities.


Empower and engage participants to serve as positive change agents that work collaboratively with community partners and stakeholders.


Educate and prepare participants to lead within SHPE in alignment with the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

NILA prepares attendees to lead and manage diverse teams by preparing them to:

  • Advance and increase leadership skills to achieve desired results
  • Cultivate and refine management skills that inspire, lead, and mobilize stakeholders
  • Develop business acumen skills to develop strategies and execute implementation plans
  • Foster succession planning by equipping current leaders to nurture and mentor future leaders
  • Refine and enhance communication and interpersonal skills